0.5mm PVC Liner

This single ply 0.5 mm PVC liner is our most standard and most commonly used of all pond liners. Made in the EU this is a budget priced, UV stabilised liner material, and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

0.8mm PVC Liner

This single ply 0.8 mm PVC liner has a lot more strength and is more durable than the 0.5 mm PVC liners. It is UV stabilised and comes with a 20 year guarantee. Made in the EU this is a great liner material.

1.12mm E.P.D.M. Liner

Next is the single ply 1.12 mm E.P.D.M. Rubber liner which is our middle of the range liner for those who want better protection. It is UV stabilized and comes with a 20 year guarantee.

Xavan Liner

This is an excellent liner for contractors. The three ply 0.85 mm Xavan liner is the most superior of all our pond liners. It is UV stabilised and comes with a 20 year guarantee. This liner is fast becoming the only liner for experts and commercial applications. DuPont™ Xavan® Pond Liner renders other membrane alternatives far inferior, and is also one of the few liners that is really environmentally friendly. The unique and composite structure gives a high resistance to penetration or damage by root systems. Its high tensile strength and high tear and puncture resistance makes it an exceptionally strong. DuPont™ Xavan® Pond Liner is very light which guarantees an easier installation, in terms of manpower and installation time.






Letter Model Number Description Capacity Dimensions
A BDF015 Dragonfly 150 Pond 150 1190mm x 790mm x 420mm
B BDF025 Dragonfly 250 Pond 250 1050mm x 1350mm x 450mm
C BDF050 Dragonfly 500 Pond 500 1400mm x 1780mm x 500mm
D BMF015 Mayfly 150 Pond 150 1100mm x 730mm x 400mm
E BMF025 Mayfly 250 Pond 250 1250mm x 840mm x 450mm
F BMF050 Mayfly 500 Pond 500 1630mm x 1119mm x 500mm
G BDS050 Damselfly 500 Pond 500 1790mm x 1140mm x 480mm
H BDS075 Damselfly 750 Pond 750 2040mm x 1310mm x 530mm
I BDS100 Damselfly 1000 Pond 1000 2270mm x 1450mm x 580mm
J BDS125 Damselfly 1250 Pond 1250 2460mm x 1570mm x 610mm
K RMCQ11 Coquetdale Pond 113 1120mm x 810mm x 300mm
L RMMQ90 Macquarie Pond 85 700mm x 940mm x 300mm
M RMED33 Ennerdale Pond 322 1800mm x 1220mm x 470mm
N RMMF31 Tahoe Pond 316 1420mm x 1170mm x 530mm
O RMCN59 Coniston Pond 594 2440mm x 1420mm x 530mm
P RMLL80 Lakeland Pond 800 2440mm x 1370mm x 500mm



Informal Ponds

You have now selected your style of pond

Please respond to the questions below


To contain splash, Maximum Height of the feature should be half the maximum width of your pond.

Pond Length should exceed the width of the feature by 300 mm each end.

Do you have an existing pond base?

Do you need to colour or waterproof your existing pond?

Would you seal an this area with a pond Liner or pond sealer paint?

Do you need a pre-formed Pond Base or would you like to line or seal an existing/new area with a pond Liner or pond sealer paint?


If your pond shape is very irregular, it is advisable to get your measurements checked by a water garden specialist to make sure they are correct, and that the pond liner will fit your area.

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